Walk & Train 
If your dog is home alone and needs some attention, exercise and basic manners coaching, Walk & Train is for you! This is a great option for dogs of all ages, and is especially helpful for hyper dogs who need both exercise and encouragement of good behavior. 

"I felt a connection with Cindy immediately. She was kind to me and was sure she could help us. As we went for training, we were taught with humor and kindness, and patience. We learned it was in fact an owner problem, not a dog problem. With us being trained, we saw that our dog was actually very smart and fun to be around. "

Tigard, OR

How it Works

  •  We will meet for an Initial Consult to discuss your training goals
  •  I will walk & train your dog for one hour on Tues, Wed and Thurs
  •  You will receive an emailed report card at the end of each week

What Your Dog Will Learn
  •  Sit for greeting and while being leashed 
  •  Loose leash walking
  •  Calm behavior in the presense of other dogs and people


Walk & Train Tuition
      $300 per week, $1000 for a 4 week package

      Payment plans available. Please email for details.

Not sure which service is right for you? Schedule an Initial Consult so we can discuss your training goals and find the right service for your needs.