Board & Train
Nothing can offer quicker more effective results than to have your dog live with a professional dog trainer for 2 - 4 weeks.  Your dog will be incorporated into my home, receive daily training and be returned to you with a whole new set of skills.  At the end of your dog's stay we will spend some time together so you can learn how to maintain your well-behaved dog.

"There was just nothing better than coming home from vacation to a better behaved, easy to handle, well-mannered dog.  Well, the only thing better is that we didn't have to do the hard work!  All we had to do was learn how to keep him that way and enjoy our seemingly brand new dog!"

~Brian & Lisa
Portland, OR

How Board & Train Works

  •  We will meet for an Initial Consultation to determine your training goals
  •  Your dog will live with me for a minimum of two weeks, receiving several daily training sessions
  •  Upon your dogs return, I'll spend an hour in your home showing you what your dog has learned
  • I will return to your home in two weeks for a follow up session to make sure all is well

What Your Dog Will Learn

  •  Socialization to people, other animals, sights, sounds, surfaces and smells (puppies)
  •  Potty training (puppies) 
  •  Basic indoor manners like sit, down, stand, leave it and stay
  •  Basic outdoor manners like loose leash walking and come when called

Where Will My Dog Stay?

Your dog will live in my home as a temporary family member, not in a kennel.  I have 2 acres of fully fenced property and everything your dog needs to be comfortable.  All dogs sleep in comfy crates at night and are fed separately with constant access to fresh water.  All your dog will need to bring is enough food for their stay.  

NOTE: Board & Train dogs MUST be friendly with people and other dogs!

Board & Train Tuition

Two week program:  $1400
Four week program:  $2800

Payments plans available. Please email for details. 

Not sure which service is right for you? Schedule an Initial Consult so we can discuss your training goals and find the right service for your needs.