Group Classes     

Puppy Kindergarten - for dogs 10 - 14 weeks of age at start of class
There are so many things your puppy needs to learn before he turns 5 months old.  In Puppy Kindergarten we'll make sure all your bases are covered with lots of socialization, bite inhibition, help with house training and basic manners like sit, down, stand, leave it and loose leash walking.  

Your puppy must be between 10 - 14 weeks of age at the start of class so you have time to finish before the age of 5 months.  Your pup will need to have their second series of vaccinations (this includes the one from the breeder).  

ATTENDANCE: You do not have to attend six weeks in a row. You can attend at your convenience as long as you finish by the time your puppy reaches 5 months of age.

Day/Time:    Sundays at 4:30 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.                                              Register for this class
Location:     Newberg Vet, 3716 E Portland Rd, Newberg
Sessions:      6 weeks
Tuition:       $140

Pet Dog Manners - for dogs 4 months and up 
In this class we will work on helping your dog focus, remain calm and be polite.  Each week, we'll practice various skills in real life situation set-ups like having friends over for coffee, eating dinner with the family, being groomed, going for a walk, meeting children and more! You will gain confidence as a dog owner, and your dog will become more enjoyable to be with.  Limit of 6 dogs per class.

ATTENDANCE: Once you choose a start date, you must attend your six sessions in a row. There are no make-up sessions.

Day/Time:   Sundays from 5:30 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.                                             Register for this class 
Location:    Newberg Vet, 3716 E Portland Rd, Newberg                                
Sessions:    6 weeks
Tuition:      $140

Out & About - for dogs who have completed Pet Dog Manners
Practicing and improving basic skills in more distracting public places is the only way to reach your training goals. But, it can be scary and embarrassing if you're unsure of yourself. Come to Out & About Class and we'll do it together! Each week we'll meet in a new location where I'll walk you through how to keep your dog's attention, how to get your dog to behave in public, and what to do when you and/or your dog are in over your heads. Locations include local parks, stores, coffee houses and wineries.

Prerequisite: At least one round of Pet Dog Manners

Attendance: You must attend sessions consecutively. There are no make-up sessions.

Day/Time: Mondays from 6:30 p.m. - 7:15 p.m.                                             Register for this class 
Location: Various 
Sessions: 4 weeks
Tuition: $95

"We had so much fun in group class!  It amazes me that our dog was able to learn so much with what seemed like so little effort. Thank you for making it so easy and for including the kids in the process."

~Sara & Family
McMinnville, OR

Group classes are affordable and offer valuable interaction with other pets and their owners. We offer classes for puppies, adolescent dogs, and adult dogs. 

Open Enrollment: All classes are ongoing with open enrollment. You choose your start date, then attend six sessions. Puppy Class students do not have to attend every week, but must finish before puppies reach the age of 5 months. Pet Dog Manners students must attend every week, for six weeks, as there are no make-up sessions. 

Proof of current vaccinations must be provided on the first day of class.

Note:  There are no refunds for group classes.  Please be sure that you will be able to attend before registering for class.  Group classes are for dogs who are friendly and comfortable hanging out with other dogs and strangers. If it's determined that your dog cannot safely attend class, your class fee may be transferred to one Private Coaching session (equivalent).  If you cannot attend the session you registered for, you may be transferred to the next available session.
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